Threaded spindles

Due to the growing range of linear actuators, MICROSTEP GmbH has specialized in the in-house production of small threaded spindles with nominal diameters of 3.5 to 6 mm. In this context, the threaded spindles manufactured in-house are mainly produced with metric ISO and fine pitch threads as well as trapezoidal threads by thread rolling. By using brass, bronze or special plastic nuts, the threaded spindles no longer need to be hardened.

Threaded spindles for high-precision applications

For high-precision applications, however, ground screw threads as well as recirculating ball screws can also be provided. The combination of fine-thread spindles with stepper motors of small step angles ensure resolutions in the micrometer range even in full-step operation, thus offering a cost-effective alternative to other high-resolution drive systems. (LA 79.0000)

Steep lead screws are available for fast movements, which in combination with stepper motors of large step angles allow highly dynamic operation. (LA 73.0000)