Together to success

As a family-owned group of companies, febana group is one of the significant medium-sized employers in the Sömmerda region with around 160 employees.

The products and services of our group of companies enjoy an excellent reputation in various industries, extending well beyond national borders.

We accompany you from the idea to series production and beyond. Whether it's automotive projects, switch solutions, or drive systems, thanks to our depth of manufacturing and perfectly coordinated competencies, we can offer individual services from single parts and prototypes to tool construction, finished parts, assemblies, and drives. This approach creates synergies based on the "short distance principle" that benefit our customers.

Customized solutions from a single source

febana Feinmechanische Bauelemente GmbH is our answer when it comes to stamping and bending parts, plastic products, hybrid components, and more.

Since 1959, we have been manufacturing and developing high-quality electromechanical contact components and assembly modules for household appliances and automotive technology. We produce forming tools, stamping and forming parts, as well as technical plastic parts. We see ourselves not only as a production service provider but also as a competent partner from the beginning. We support our customers in project management and design, all the way to series production. Our experienced team is ready to assist you from the initial concept. Cost efficiency, quick results, and a product tailored to your processes and needs are the focus of our collaboration.

Keeping Pace...

With MICROSTEP GmbH, we realize your customized drive solutions.

For over 30 years, we have been keeping pace and offering our customers tailor-made drive solutions. Whether it's a stepper motor, linear actuator, or controller, our products are customized to meet your requirements. Do you have specific demands for your drive? No problem. Even with small quantities and complete drive systems, we are here to assist you. The only limit we know is physics.

Simply Switch On/Off...

Due to our company history, solutions involving electromechanical assemblies have always been part of our DNA.

With the experienced specialists at SF Schalter GmbH, we develop and implement customized solutions. We are experts in switch components for measurement, testing, and control technology, as well as for commercial vehicles and construction machinery. Meeting special requirements, even in small quantities, is our specialty. Additionally, we manufacture assemblies for mechanical and plant engineering, with a focus on switch cabinet construction and air conditioning technology.

SF Schalter GmbH also offers interesting possibilities for economically producing existing products at the end of their lifecycle using adapted manufacturing methods. Demand-synchronized production following the JIT principle and adapted production processes with consistent quality are the standards by which we measure ourselves.


THÜRWA® - Your partner for durable and high-quality tools

Tradition since the 15th century

Our THÜRWA® tool range encompasses high-quality products for true professionals and those who value German brand quality. Whether you're a master bricklayer, tile layer, plasterer, or ambitious DIY enthusiast, our tools are designed for durability and excellent results. The THÜRWA® range includes a variety of trowels, grout floats, measuring tools, and specialty tools in countless variants and designs. From universal devices to specialized applications, here you will find what you really need for daily use or that crucial project - the best tools from Steinbach-Hallenberg.

Why can we claim this? - We have a rich history.

Our production facilities are located in Steinbach-Hallenberg, on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest. The region has been known for its rich ore deposits for centuries. From the 15th century onwards, the region experienced its first mining boom and ironworking industry. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers specialized in the production of metal goods and tools. During the founding period around 1871, many small and medium-sized metal and tool factories emerged, and their tradition continues to this day.

FLOREAT® - tradition meets quality

With FLOREAT®, we offer a true traditional product. The first FLOREAT® wall hooks were created in 1926, establishing a global success story.

Even then, they impressed with their quality, stability, and ease of use, and have since become a recognized brand worldwide. The main reason for their success lies in the unique shape of the hooks. They are designed in such a way that when placed against a wall, the nail is always driven in at the optimal angle of 30°. This protects your hands during installation and allows for lasting and perfect grip on the wall.

The brand name FLOREAT® thus stands for timeless design and delicate yet durable brand quality - Made in Germany.