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Customer-specific, tailor-made solutions require close collaboration as soon as we start planning and developing new products. At MICROSTEP, we have the experience and competence needed to work closely with our customers in order to develop and provide innovative drive mechanisms.


Because of our many years of comprehensive experience in developing and manufacturing hybrid stepper motors, we are able to deliver a wide range of standard and specialty models. In addition to the stepper motors, we now also manufacture linear actuators and special solutions, whose share in our overall sales has grown steadily over the last few years.

We primarily see ourselves as problem-solvers for drive mechanism issues, especially in the area of stepper motors.
By closely collaborating with our partners and customers at an early stage, we create the necessary conditions for developing and providing every customer with customized, tailor-made solutions beyond standard motors, even at short notice.
By using our own manufacturing capacities, we are also able to provide engineering samples at short notice for testing.
Modern CAD workstations and our own manufacturing facilities at the production site in Sömmerda guarantee a high level of efficiency in sample production, while ensuring a high level of flexibility in series production.

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Stepper Motors for Extreme Environmental Conditions

Schrittmotoren für extreme UmweltbedingungenMICROSTEP GmbH developed a new series at stepper motors with IP65 type protection. The motors were conceived particularly for use in