MICROSTEP GbmH - Special Solutions
Solutions that are tailored specifically to the customer and flexibly manufactured. By using 3-D CAD systems at MICROSTEP, we can develop and provide new or adapted solutions at short notice.

Special Solutions

Starting with our extensive standard range of motors and actuators, we worked with our customers to develop and complete a large number of customized, tailor-made drive solutions.

In particular, you benefit from our competence and experience when it comes to using our drives in extreme environmental conditions. A particular focus here is on refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

The maximum operating ambient temperature for standard motors is 55° C. Special structural measures allow us to design every 0.9° and 1.8° stepper motor with a #39 flange dimension as a high-temperature motor. These motors are certified for a constant ambient temperature of over 100° C, depending on their overall length.
The drives described here are just a few examples of our specialized solutions; the idea is to awaken your interest so we can work with you to make new ideas a reality, and help secure your competitive advantage with innovative new products. Give us a challenge.

Stepper motors for high temperatures
Stepper motors for
high temperatures

Stepper motors in areas exposed to water splashing
Stepper motors in areas
exposed to water splashing

Dual stepper motors
Dual stepper motors
Lift and turn actuators
Lift and turn actuators

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Stepper Motors for Extreme Environmental Conditions

Schrittmotoren für extreme UmweltbedingungenMICROSTEP GmbH developed a new series at stepper motors with IP65 type protection. The motors were conceived particularly for use in